Monday, 13 June 2011

well.. here we are.

So this is the start.  They say you have to start somewhere, so this is one of them.  The basic point of this blog is to track my physical activity and possible weight loss.  It’s a bit odd, as I’m not so concerned about actual numbers as I am how I feel about my body.  I was always a bit underweight (and unhealthy).  Once I started to eat healthy, I gained weight.  This was ok for awhile.  In the past year I’ve taken on a new job where I sit most of my day.  I’ve gained more weight, most specifically around my middle that I Dislike, greatly.  The rest of me?  Not so bad.  I’ve actually got a butt and boobs now, where it used to be just bones.  I like that.  But that belly fat drives me nutty.  Add onto this that I’ve had IBS since my mid teen years and I bloat horribly.  Even if I had no fat on my tummy, it would still stick out.  I can handle that too.  But add that on top of the belly fat, and again, Dislike.  

Thing is, I hate exercise.  Hate it.  Not sure why, but the thought of taking even half an hour of my day and putting it to exercise seems so.. blah.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the way I feel when I do it.  But it’s the dislike that makes it hard to stick to a program.  I’ve started and stopped over and over and over.

I will also be starting a new Spark account soon,  as I like the way they track things. 

This will also be a bit of me running my mouth where other places I may not want to do that for fear of offending someone in my other social network life.    Pondering, wondering, and dreaming.   And some ranting. 

(also just a note… I have never used this blogger before.. so expect it to look weird for now!)

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