Friday, 17 June 2011


I'm finding it harder to get myself to blog.  But tracking calories is easier this round. 

I have to say though, it's discouraging when I read up on the 'math' of calories, how much you burn during the day, during exercise, and how much you have to burn to lose a pound.  Though I did read a bit where you have to exercise more than 20 minutes to burn fat.  so, I think next week I may try adding extra Wii Active workouts here and there. 

How do people do this?  I mean, honestly, if I didn't lose any, I'm not going to be too broken up about it.  I'm not unhealthy.  But what about the ones who are at a very unhealthy weight and need to do something about it or see their health worsen?  I don't think I ever really understood the 'math' of it all. 

It's all fine and good to tell someone not to eat as much, but if you're counting calories, it's maddening. Just tracking for the last week, it just seems weird.  What do you mean my teensy cranberry and vodka added almost 200 calories and messed up my 'goal'??   What do you mean that pear added xx calories??

but we'll see where I am in a few months too.  Having a bit more stamina will be good, weight loss or not.  but let's be reasonable, I want the belly fat gone.    Which tends to send me down the vanity/self absorbed path of thinking. 

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